[Python-au] Meeting in Melbourne

Dave Cole djc@object-craft.com.au
08 Aug 2000 20:46:02 +1000

>>>>> "Fiona" == Fiona Czuczman <fiona@sitegnome.com> writes:

>> Has a time and place been determined yet?
Fiona> No place or time has been determined yet.  Mark suggested Young
Fiona> and Jacksons, across the road from Flinders St station, because
Fiona> it's central.  He was worried that they might be under
Fiona> renovations though...  So, I rang them up, and they are closed
Fiona> due to the renovations.  We'll need to find another venue.
Fiona> Suggestions?

Y & J is on the same block as "The Official Earth Headquarters", so it
would have been very convenient.  Ong's food court is a good place to
go for food.  They also sell beer.

Fiona> Does it need to be in the city? Maybe everyone lives in
Fiona> Alphington?

City would be excellent.  I use public transport, so going somewhere
outside of the city can be problematic.

Fiona> Regarding the date, how do people feel about Thursday or Friday
Fiona> next week?

My preference would be Thursday.

- Dave