[Python-au] OReilly conference?

Mark Nottingham mnot@pobox.com
Thu, 12 Aug 1999 21:21:17 +1000

I've been in Monterey for conferences before; it's a pretty small, touristy
town. There's a good strip of restaurants, shops, cinemas etc sort of
adjacent to the convention centre, and if you walk on the paths parallel to
the ocean, there's a developed area with restaurants, an aquarium, etc.

While we were there, the best thing was an open-air market on Wednesday (I
think?) nights; good food, friendly people. Look for it. There's also a
really good book store/coffee shop on the square.

Up the coast is Big Sur, which is beautiful - IMHO much better than the
Great Ocean Road (but I'm an american ;-)

As far as bars go, I don't remember anything remarkable- just your normal,
crap hotel bars and a few unremarkable local places. Good mexican food is
easy to find, though, and you're encouraged to drink there...

Have fun,

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>   > Anyone here making it to the OReilly conference in a couple of weeks?
>   > good to get together for a drink or something if anyone is...
> Yes, I'm going, staying at the doubletree, arriving sunday evening.
> Anyone know their way around well enough to suggest a suitable bar?