[Python-au] Hi all

Mark Hammond mhammond@skippinet.com.au
Thu, 22 Jul 1999 13:16:59 +1000

Hi everyone,
	Wow - in a few hours we already have a good number of subscribers.  Looks
like the time was well due for such a mailing list.  Good to see everyone
joining - plenty of people I have never heard off - we may be surprised to
see how large the local community really is!

I created this after being aware of the growing Python community even just
in Melbourne.  Ive seeded Python in a number of places, and recently
meeting some of the Monash and DSTC guys, along with prodding emails from
Richard Jones made me decide to get it together.

First order of business, IMO, should be a get-together of us Melbournites.
(Anyone else can feel free to organize their city :-)

One option is that it appears I have been roped in to do a 1 hour
presentation at the next (or soon?) Melbourne OO SIG meeting on Python and
COM (probably more Python and Active Scripting, so I can steal previous
talks, but I will add some PythonCOM background!).  They meet in the City
for an hour or so, and we could go to Chinatown for a feed and a drink
afterwards.  I dont have a date or anything yet, but that could be a good
option.  Other ideas welcome - few drinks at Y&Js is also an option!

Also, anyone going to the OReilly Open Source conference next month?  Ill
be there - at OReilly's expense thankfully!

Go for it guys!  (Apparently no female Aussie Python users have subscribed
yet :-)