[Python-au] Wrapping pythonwin

Mark Hammond mhammond@skippinet.com.au
Thu, 22 Jul 1999 13:00:40 +1000

> I am currently developing a python/COM object to make HTTP calls that
> can be accessed in Excel.  I have finished the server.

I really would prefer to avoid using this for any sort of support issues or
general Python related questions.

It would probably be better if we just stick to issues that clearly affect
us Aussies only - of the people who may be interested in the answer to your
question, only a small percentage are likely to be here.

> My question is, Is there a way to "wrap" up pythonwin, so that my
> program can run as an exe.  The reason I ask, is that I want people to
> be able to download this component from the web and run it,
> which would
> register the COM object and be able to be run without having
> to download
> pythonwin itself.

I'll answer now, but please followup elsewhere.  The answer is "yes and
no", but Im not sure what you are asking.  It is not clear how Pythonwin
fits into this - its a COM object that presumably does not do GUI, so does
not need Pythonwin.

It is possible to use freeze to create a frozen LocalServer COM objects.
The EXE created by freeze is not stand-alone - you will need python15.dll,
pywintypes15.dll and pythoncom15.dll at a minumum.

This part of freeze is not very mature, and has some problems.  Gordon
McMillans installer for win32 has better long term potential, but does not
yet completly support the COM stuff.

Im afraid this means there is no easy answer.  Either route is likely to
cause you some grief, and be quite a few days work rather than hours.
Either way will require you to understand LocalServer vs InProc COM
servers, and a number of other issues.