[Python-au] Re: [PSA MEMBERS] ANNOUNCE: Mailing list for Australian Python Users

John Lehmann johnl@axis.com.au
Thu, 22 Jul 1999 10:02:08 +1000

Well, looks like just the two of us at the moment...

Mark Hammond wrote:
> I have (well, Chris did - thanks!) created a mailing list for Australian
> users of the Python language.  This mailing list should initially be a
> forum
> for anything uniquely of interest to Aussie Python users.  First order of
> business should be a contest for which city can get the first informal
> Python users meeting together - I think that Melbourne should be able to
> get
> something happening pretty soon :-)
> Subscription and other list information can be found at
> http://starship.python.net/mailman/listinfo/python-au
> Mark.
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