[PERCEPS] synopsis: documenting IDL, C++, python, and may be more

Jake Colman colman@ppllc.com
18 Jan 2001 09:27:27 -0500


I stand corrected.  You are correct, it was an insensitive post to make.
Clearly, there is always room for alternative development efforts.  I had
high hopes for perceps when I first became aware of its existance but it
never panned out.  doxygen, on the other hand, is here today and does an
incredible job.  When sysnopsis matures, I will certainly give that the
once-over and see how it meets my needs.  Until then, good luck to all!


>>>>> "SP" == Scott Powers <spowers@spowers.net> writes:

    SP> Jake Colman wrote:
    >> Actually, with the availability of doxygen I don't need to look
    >> anywhere else!

    SP> Perhaps you were trying to let people know there is another code
    SP> documentation package out there (doxygen)...but at least in my mail
    SP> reader it came across as pretty rude.

    SP> If a group of devs want to devote their time and effort into trying
    SP> to provide another package which might do things better or faster
    SP> than another I, for one, think that's great.

    SP> I mean heck, DOS can operate my disks...why look anywhere else? I
    SP> know that's not entirely a fair comparison (okay, not at
    SP> all...doxygen is a nice package and does far more than DOS as a
    SP> comparison to any OS today), but it makes my point.

    SP> While Synopsis is not (at least from what I see on the website) up to
    SP> speed with doxygen, it is only in the 0.2 release. Keep up the good
    SP> work on Synopsis!

    SP> Sincerely,
    SP>   Scott Powers
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