Re[4]: [PERCEPS] Doxygen

Karl Nelson
Thu, 02 Nov 2000 10:32:05 -0800

Well, here is the features it has 

  - Written in perl (37k/9k compressed) in object oriented fashion  
  - improved module system allowing plugins to handle initialization
    and description extraction.  (No need to fix to perceps style
    comments, everything is a plugin)
  - XML or perl module output
  - recursive namespace support
  - embedded class support 
  - modules for class dumps, namespace index, class index 
    cross index, description syntax highlighting to html or sgml
  - fast (10x-100x that of perceps on large files.  
      Perceps had O(n^4) regex.)     
and here is what it lacks  
  - modules for tex and other popular outputs.
  - modules for use of old perceps output desc files. 
  - possibly convert module system from perceps include to actual
    perl modules.
  - reloading of extracted trees from xml.  (easy)
  - proper extraction of complex templates.
  - proper extraction of macros.
  - proper extraction and commenting of enums and enum values.

  - Those really ridiculously fancy graphical tree views.  

In other words it has almost everything perceps had, save for 
the small set of features I never used.