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Michael P. Wilson Michael P. Wilson" <
Thu, 2 Nov 2000 12:57:53 -0500

I like use of a nice AST.  That's one of my frustrations with perceps,
is that it's internal scheme is a bit difficult on the eyes.

I tend to do alot of code-generation (for persistence architectures,
framework stuff, etc) and would really love my auto-doc tool
(whichever one) to run the same core as my code-gen tool. (I started
by using "jeeves" out of the advanced perl book, then hacking it to

How do you like python for this sort of thing?  I must confess to a
minimal exposure.

- M

Thursday, November 02, 2000, 1:51:55 PM, you wrote:

SS> "Michael P. Wilson" wrote:

>> I'm just far too attached to the fact that it's in perl to use doxy
>> (which I tried and didn't like much frankly.  But it's probably just
>> stylistic)

SS> well, what I care most about is the following:

SS> * the ability to parse actual source code, not requiring any specially
SS>   formatted comments.

SS> * flexibility with respect to both, the input (language, documentation style, ...)
SS>   as well as output (generating docs in a variety of formats, generating diagrams, ...)

SS> I had hoped that the 'pyceps' tool which was talked about on this list a year ago, would
SS> actually make it into something useful. Since this didn't happen, I started the 'synopsis' 
SS> tool. It's not that far either, but I can process IDL input already, and a C++ parser is
SS> slowly making progress.
SS> Note that the synopsis tool stores an AST (Abstract Syntax Tree) internally. This can
SS> be used in quite a couple of circumstances, not merely to generate textual documentation.

SS> While doxygen seems to be able to parse a number of languages, the code (which I looked into
SS> a while ago) isn't nicely modular, i.e. it isn't easy to extend.
SS> Synopsis uses plugins for the parsers as well as the formatters. Have a look at


SS> (and it is written in python, which might be of some interest, considering the actual
SS>  mailing list address :)

SS> Best regards,   Stefan

SS> PS: since my main hobby horse is the berlin project, my main interest into synopsis was
SS>     and is to be able to generate reference manuals for the berlin code (a mixture of IDL
SS>     and C++). But I'm sure that the scope of the project is of interest to a much larger
SS>     community.

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