[PERCEPS] wanted ! (new features)

Stephen Kennedy Stephen.Kennedy@cs.tcd.ie
Mon, 28 Jun 1999 11:19:35 +0100

>So, what's needed is a way to output a set of related methods in the
>template language?  Then you could do something like this:
>float draw();
>float draw(Point origin);
>Documentation for both versions of draw.  They do the same thing, but
>there is an optional offset parameter.

When perceps sees a function or method, it mangles the declaration
internally so that for instance, f(int) -> f_int is distinct to
f(int,char) -> f_int_char.
So if a method is flagged as being part of a group, then the mangling
routine just needs to check if we are in a group and if so, mangle
the arguments as _group_simpledraw (say).
This would allow for separate groups of the same name too.

//! group simpledraw
// .....
float draw();
float draw(Point origin);
//! group end

//: more complex draw
// needs separate documentation
float draw(Point origin, Shape shape, Foo baz, Bar quux);