[PERCEPS] Version 3.5

Tom Bryan tbryan@starship.python.net
Sun, 27 Jun 1999 02:02:23 -0400 (EDT)

I have made PERCEPS version 3.5.0 available. It is the last version that
Mark Peskin was about to release when I took over the code. I haven't
played with it much, but Mark said that it's as stable as 3.4.1. I think
it includes some bug fixes and improved support for nested classes. You'll
have to poke around yourselves. :)

No namespaces, yet.  That'll be in the next revision.

I've finished moving over all of the content from the old website (it's
organized a little differently). I'm also starting a new FAQ.  You might
want to start checking there before you ask a question.

If you notice any bad links, mispellings, or other errors/omissions on the
PERCEPS web site, please let me know (tbryan@python.net).