[PERCEPS] wanted ! (new features)

Mark Peskin mpeskin@texas.net
Sat, 26 Jun 1999 13:48:26 -0500

> Date: Fri, 25 Jun 1999 20:31:24 +0000
> From: Stefan Seefeld <seefelds@MAGELLAN.UMontreal.CA>
> To: "'Perceps'" <perceps@server.python.net>
> Subject: [PERCEPS] wanted ! (new features)
> playing around with perceps I wonder whether the
> following two features would be possible:
> * adapt the output strategy to the user's needs
>   (for example not file per class but file per sub project (package))

This type of thing is already possible, in theory at least, using the global
variable feature. You can asssign global values to classes as needed, and
you can produce output files on a per-global-variable-value basis (you can
even define multiple globals to provide different views of your class
structure, if you want). My impression is that this feature is not used very
much, but it can be quite powerful.

> * document groups of methods
>   - find a way to tell perceps to consider a set of methods to
>     be documented as a set since often accessor etc. methods
>     can have different signatures but almost equal meaning so
>     having to document each of them individually is completely redundant

I agree that this would be a good feature to simplify documentation.
However, in order to be useful it would have to be highly configurable. One
possible solution that comes to mind is to have a special comment type or
signature that acts as a "reference" to another "master" member in the
class. The master and all the members that refer to it could then be
documented as a group using the master's comment data. This would also
require some extensions to the template language to allow access to related
members. For example:

{foreach public master} <- "master" modifier to foreach loop excludes
{foreach related}       <- "related" loops over related members

Tom should have fun with this one.