[PERCEPS] Namespace support problem

MICHALECZ@scigames.at MICHALECZ@scigames.at
Thu, 24 Jun 1999 13:47:40 +0200

Perceps currently does not support NAMESPACES.

I currently retrieve the namespace with a somewhat ugly input filter 
(listed below) and this way both hide the information from perceps
(which cannot process it at least in V3.4.1.) and get the information
into a local variable to output during HTML generation.

-) Does anybody know wether this has improved in V3.5 ?
-) Does someone have a better solution ?

Martin Michalecz
Scientific Games Vienna, Austria

sub filter {

  foreach(split("\n",$str)) {

# check for NAMESPACE declaration and ignore it
    if ( /^\s*namespace\s+(\w+).*/) {
      print "Info: Setting namespace to $1 \n";
      $_ = "//! namespace = $1";

   $newstr .= "$_\n";

  return $newstr;