[MMTK] A warning about NumPy 1.9

Konrad Hinsen research at khinsen.fastmail.net
Fri Sep 12 12:18:47 UTC 2014

Dear MMTK users,

a few days, ago, NumPy 1.9 was released. Please DO NOT upgrade to
NumPy 1.9 if you use MMTK.

The reason is that MMTK uses the submodule numpy.oldnumeric, which has
been removed from NumPy in version 1.9. It's a compatibility layer
with NumPy's predecessor, Numeric, which is what MMTK was originally
written for.

Porting to MMTK to NumPy 1.9 is a major effort and thus not likely to
happen soon. Many operations changed not only their name but also
their arguments types, argument order, or return type. Moving from the
Numeric API to the NumPy API is superficially not difficult, but the
probability of introducing subtle bugs is enormous. For now, I have
no concrete plan how to handle this situation.

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