[MMTK] Problem defining a single methan molecule in the database

Konrad Hinsen research at khinsen.fastmail.net
Mon May 26 07:35:35 UTC 2014

nils.marechal at laposte.net writes:

 > I try to load the molecular model using these command lines:
 > defineMolecule('methane','MTH')

That should be

   defineMolecule('MTH', 'methane')

The first argument is the three-letter PDB code, the second the name of the
molecule in the database. Your molecule definition should be stored as


in the MMTK database.

 > molecule = load.createMolecules('MTH', 0)

That should be

  molecule = load.createMolecules(['MTH'])

The argument is a list of additional residue names that should be
treated as individual molecules.

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