[MMTK] Fwd: Problem not finding Scientific/netcdfmodule.h and, module MMTK_state_accessor

Ramon Crehuet rcsqtc at iqac.csic.es
Tue Jan 14 15:35:27 UTC 2014

Ooops! I feel a bit ashame of myself.
Everything works fine. And it worked from the beginning. When I read your e-mail 
I realized what the problem could have been...
The problem was that I was checking the installation from the same MMTK 
installation directory (MMTK-2.7.9), and there is a directory called MMTK there 
(obviously). Python was importing this local version, not the installed one.
importing MMTK from whatever other directory works fine.
Sorry for the time wasted and thanks again!

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