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I’m running MMTK on a Win32 platform with Python 2.7.3.  I was just trying to build a
periodic box of water. I can build the array of water just fine, and run a small dynamic
simulation, if I use “InfiniteUniverse”.  Now when I try to run a
“OrthorhombicPeriodicUniverse” the energy evaluation seems to go crazy.  An example of
the output is

Temperature:  108.995945042

Momentum:  [-8.99110369177641, 9.860928206426244, 17.34781808242614]

Angular momentum:  [-12.017048928234056, 18.469094173984196, -9.2804957707983]

Step 0

Time: 0.000000

Potential energy: -1.#IND00, Kinetic energy: 81.561925

Step 10

Time: 0.010000

Potential energy: 1.#QNAN0, Kinetic energy: 1.#QNAN0

The universe definition is

universe = OrthorhombicPeriodicUniverse((2*Units.nm, 2*Units.nm, 2*Units.nm), \

                   Amber99ForceField(1.0*Units.nm, mod_files=['frcmod.ff99SB']))

Any ideas?  I don’t get any raised errors it just continues giving NAN after NAN



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