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Mon Nov 5 12:56:46 UTC 2012

Hi friends:
 I want to use MMTK to do some work about normal mode analysis,accurately I want get the hessian matrix of the energy function.however I'm a freshman so there are many thing I can not figure out.
 first I input some code like these:
 from MMTK import *
>>> universe.protein=Protein('bala1')
 >>> minimizer=ConjugateGradientMinimizer(universe,actions=[StandardLogOutput(50)])
>>> minimizer(convergence=1.e-3,steps=10000)
 >>> energyandhess=universe.energyAndForceConstants()
>>> hess=energyAndhess[1].array
 now I get the hessian matrix using the all-atom forcefield,next,how can I put this matrix into a file for later use?
 from this command I can get the modes of the protein, the same question is how can I save the frequency and eignvector of each mode to a file, and how can I visualize the modes use VMD?
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