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On 24 Jun, 2011, at 18:47 , Konrad Hinsen wrote:

> MMTK currently uses netCDF for storing trajectory files. If you use netCDF4 (which is not a requirement; MMTK works just fine with netCDF 3), it should indeed be possible to generate trajectories that are HDF5 files following the netCDF conventions. I say "should" because I didn't actually try this yet. But in theory, it should be sufficient to use file mode "w4" for doing what you want, i.e.
> 	Trajectory(universe, "my_trajectory.h5", "w4")
> If that works indeed, then you can of course use links from other HDF5 files.

I just realized that this is trivial to test, so I did. It works. You can also read back those file like any other MMTK trajectory. All it takes is the "w4" mode when writing. ScientificPython 2.9 is required for this.

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