[MMTK] applyto with c_terminus=1 protein structure

ra.biehl ra.biehl at fz-juelich.de
Thu Mar 24 15:13:28 UTC 2011


I have a sequence of proteins structures with the same content but
different atom positions from an MD run as a pdb file with model
sections 1 to 200

I can load the individual configurations with

 >conf1 = PDBConfiguration('xx001')
and i can work with the universe

to change only the coordinates to a second configuration
 >conf2 = PDBConfiguration('xx002')
i get the message
 >Warning: 3231 atom(s) were not assigned (new) positions.

IOError: Atom O1 of PDB residue LYS not found in residue Lys of object
because i cannot tell create all about the c_terminus
The first way also fails without c_terminus=1 in a modified protein
structure (del O2, rename O1 in O in Lys415)

My goal is just to analyze a sequence of configurations with the same
structure but different positions.
It could be done by reading the pdb files as trajectory and walking trough,
but i didnt find a way.

Hope someone can help



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