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On Mon, 14 Mar 2011 15:05 -0700, "Victor Muñoz"
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  Dear all,
  You were right. When I type:
         python -c "import Scientific.IO.NetCDF"
  I get an importError:
  ImportError: libnetcdf.so.4: cannot open shared object file:
  No such file or directory
  I have tried to set the NETCDF_PREFIX variable:
  This directory is where include/netcdf.h and lib/libnetcdf.so
  are. However, I cannot make it work as I have always the same

The problem is not at the Python module level, but at the
OS-level name resolution of dynamic libraries. The
ScientificPython installation has found your library, but at
run-time it is not found by the OS.

The solution is unfortunately OS-dependent. Under MacOS, you need
to look at the value of DYLD_LIBRARY_PATH. Under Linux, your
netCDF installation probably didn't do an ldconfig call. If you
have someone around who knows your OS well, ask; this is not even
a Python-specific problem.

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