[MMTK] problem with MMTK energy term

Konrad Hinsen research at khinsen.fastmail.net
Thu Dec 2 07:23:01 UTC 2010

On 2 Dec 2010, at 01:06, Lucia Avalle wrote:

> I am working with MMTK2.7.2
> I run the following example and got an error:

> /home/lucia/LuciaDocuments2010/MMTK-2.7.2/MMTK/ForceFields/ 
> ForceField.py
> in <module>()
>      9 from Scientific import N
>     10 import copy, itertools, operator
> ---> 11 from MMTK_energy_term import PyEnergyTerm as EnergyTerm
>     12
>     13 # Class definitions
> ImportError: No module named MMTK_energy_term

This is very probably an installation problem. Please try the following:

	find /home/lucia/LuciaDocuments2010/MMTK-2.7.2 -name  

This will look for the compiled version of the MMTK_energy_term  
module. If it finds nothing, then your installation of MMTK  failed  
with some error message. In that case, please run the installation  
again and send the error message. If you do have the file, the  
question is just why Python doesn't find it, so please send the  
location of the file and I'll see if that helps.

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