[MMTK] MMTK on Mac

Konrad Hinsen research at khinsen.fastmail.net
Fri Sep 3 09:52:34 UTC 2010

On 20.08.2010, at 14:48, Edvin Fuglebakk wrote:

> When upgrading to Snow Leopard I switched package management system from fink to macports. It seems macports has a relatively recent MMTK port that correctly builds all dependencies (including netcdf)
> MMTK: 2.7.1
> Scientific: 2.8
> numpy: 1.41
> netcdf: 4.1.1
> This was for python 2.6, but the same MMTK version seems to be packaged for 2.5 as well.
> Since installing MMTK on mac was brought up recently, I thought I'd let you know.

Thanks! I checked this out and found it to work very well. MacPorts also has lots of other useful Python modules that are not trivial to install (in particular matplotlib), so this looks like a good choice for Mac users.

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