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Konrad Hinsen hinsen at cnrs-orleans.fr
Wed Aug 5 07:10:22 UTC 2009

On 17.07.2009, at 00:59, Sharangdhar S. Phatak wrote:

>   I am trying to install MMTK but without much success (windows and  
> centos 5). Could you or someone else on this forum point me to any  
> documentation which lists the steps for installation? Better still  
> with RPMs / exes for MMTK and everything that is needed.  
> (scientificpython2.6, etc. ) I have the files for numpy, scipy.

For Windows, I suggest using the binary installer for MMTK 2.6  
available at
together with the binary installer for ScientificPython 2.9.0  
available from
and the Python 2.5 installer from www.python.org.

For CentOS, the standard Unix installation procedure should work fine,  
but since various Linux distributions are currently changing the  
installation of packages such as netCDF, it is difficult to be sure.  
You should be able to find Python, NumPy, and netCDF already packaged  
as RPMs. Then add
in this order following the instructions provided in each package.  
Essentially this means
	1) unpack the tar archives
	2) type "python setup.py build"
	3) run "python setup.py install" with root privileges

You should also be able to build RPMs for your installation using the  
following steps for each package:
	1) unpack the tar archives
	2) type "python setup.py build_rpm"
	3) install the RPM file
Note that if you use RPMs it is important to install the RPM for  
ScientificPython before trying to build the one for MMTK.

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