[MMTK] The MMTK Web site is down

Konrad Hinsen hinsen at cnrs-orleans.fr
Mon Jul 13 19:20:23 UTC 2009

Since July 7, the Web server hosting the MMTK Web site is down, and I  
don't expect it to be up again soon because it's summer vacation time  
in France. If you wish to contribute to accelerating the process, you  
could send a supporting e-mail to my lab director, whose e-mail is  
given at http://cbm.cnrs-orleans.fr/spip.php?article210 (I don't  
reproduce it here in order not to expose him to spamming), stating  
that the Web site is important for you and that you would like to see  
it up again as soon as possible.

The site from which MMTK is available for download is still  
functional, so if all you need is an update, go look at:


The Mercurial repositories are not available at the moment. If the  
MMTK Web server is not up again when I return from vacation in three  
weeks, I'll look for another place where I can publish them.

Sorry for the inconvenience!

Konrad Hinsen
Centre de Biophysique Moléculaire, CNRS Orléans
Synchrotron Soleil - Division Expériences
Saint Aubin - BP 48
91192 Gif sur Yvette Cedex, France
Tel. +33-1 69 35 97 15
E-Mail: hinsen at cnrs-orleans.fr

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