[MMTK] problems installing

Konrad Hinsen hinsen at cnrs-orleans.fr
Wed Jun 10 09:55:47 UTC 2009

On Jun 10, 2009, at 11:23, Bjorge Solli wrote:

> Konrad Hinsen wrote:
>> My general advice to all MMTK users is to switch to NumPy unless you
>> have a really good reason to stick to Numeric. No one is maintaining
>> Numeric any more, so problems will become more and more numerous with
>> new Python releases, C compilers, and platforms.
> I have two candidates already installed:

> Name       : numpy
> Arch       : i386
> Version    : 1.2.0

> Name       : python-numeric
> Arch       : i386
> Version    : 24.2

> Which one should I use, and how do I tell MMTK which one to use?

Unless you have a good reason to choose Numeric, such as some other  
package that requires it, NumPy is clearly the better choice. If you  
do use Numeric, please use version 23.8 rather than 24.x, as the  
latter doesn't work reliably with MMTK.

The choice between Numeric and NumPy is made when ScientificPython is  
installed. Use option --numeric or --numpy when running setup.py. The  
default is --numeric up to release 2.7.x, and --numpy starting with  
2.8. MMTK always uses the same package as ScientificPython. If you  
reinstall ScientificPython to switch to another package, you also  
have to reinstall MMTK.

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