[MMTK] Coulomb Crystal with MMTK

Mario Tacconi tacconi at caspur.it
Wed Jun 18 08:43:11 UTC 2008

Dear MMTK users,

I' m new to MMTK and I don't really know if that  piece of software fit 
to my problem.
I'm interested in classical simulation by means of MD of the so-called 
Coulomb Crystals which
basically are mono-component plasma (all positive atomic and/or 
molecular ions) trapped in a radio-frequency quadrupolar electric field
with a friction (dissipative) force along an axis direction due to a 
laser-cooling mechanism.

My question are:
1- may MMTK  be modified to handle time-varying external electric field?
2- may MMTK be modified to handle a dissipative force?
2- If the answears to the previous question were "yes" which kind of  
modifications  should  be  done?
I mean, I have  to  implement  a force field and an "ad hoc" Universe 
sub class, that's for sure, but should I
implement even an integrator?

any help or suggetion is welcome,


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