[MMTK] help on start

Arturas Ziemys arturas.ziemys at uth.tmc.edu
Thu May 8 15:21:36 UTC 2008


I'm potentially new user of MMTK. The reason using MMTK for me is to 
develop some humble code. But first I want to understand MMTK code and I 
have general few questions:
1) I there any additional material (except the manual and the code 
itself) to study/look-at about the general idea of the "flow" or general 
concept/logic how things are done or expected to be done? Python vs. C 
objects, etc....
2) Is the any clue how docking code should be started ? Any examples or 
references ?
3) Should the flow be changed in program if I decide to develop and use 
new potentials ?



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