[MMTK] TIP4P water potential in MMTK

pierre-nicholas roy pn.roy at ualberta.ca
Wed Feb 27 18:21:50 UTC 2008

Hello Konrad,

>> Konrad: where should I send this? On the wiki? How?
> That's a good question. I don't think the Wiki is a good place to  
> distribute code.  The two solutions that seem most practical to me are
> 1) You send me the tar file, and I put it on the MMTK Web server.
> 2) You make the file available for download somewhere else, and I  
> put a link to it on the MMTK Web site.

I just created a wiki page and included a link to a tar file that  
resides on our local webserver.
The link to the wiki page is the following:

I added it to the main Contents page. Let me know if this is ok.

I also added a script in the ExampleScripts section. This is the link:

I had some problems with long lines but it looks ok overall.


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