[MMTK] bug in Trajectory?

Paul de Mascureau pauldem at caltech.edu
Tue Jan 8 23:09:37 UTC 2008

Dear mmtk users,

One month ago I reported a bug that came up when I ran the integrator for a
compound force field (LJ force field + harmonic force field for each atom).
The bug was solved when I replaced LennardJonesFF.py by a new version sent
by Konrad.
I am now trying to use nMoldyn with the trajectories I obtain, but it seems
like I hit a bug: xMoldyn calls Trajectory.py, and it creates a description
from the netCDF variable 'description' contained in my trajectory file.
After that it tries to build the skeleton:

            import Skeleton
            local = {}
            skeleton = eval(description, vars(Skeleton), local)
            universe = skeleton.make({}, conf)
            object = universe

But the universe cannot be made from skeleton, and I get an "invalid syntax

So my conclusion is that MMTK is creating a bad description, or at least a
description that cannot be used by xMoldyn. Has anyone already had this

Thanks for your help,


PS: I have attached the MMTK script I used to calculate the trajectories.
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