[MMTK] Problem with rotateAroundCenter()

Konrad Hinsen hinsen at cnrs-orleans.fr
Fri Aug 10 11:43:27 UTC 2007

On 10.08.2007, at 12:29, Andreas Kring wrote:

> Ok, I try using Numeric 23.8 instead. I usually install/remove  
> packages by using the package-manager available (synaptic, apt-get,  
> yum etc...). When I try to remove the package 'python- 
> numeric' (i.e. version 24.2), I get a lot of warnings that a lot of  
> other packages (which I would like to keep) will be removed...

That is not surprising.

> How do I install Numeric 23.8 without doing this? Can I just type  
> the following as usual from the Numeric library?
> $ python setup.py build
> $ python setup.py install

That would overwrite your Numeric 24.2 installation, which is  
probably even worse than removing it. The other packages that rely on  
Numeric would expect 24.2 but get 23.8; many of them would probably  

If you want to keep Numeric 24.2, then the only way to install  
Numeric 23.8 is to install a complete second Python interpreter  
specifically for use with MMTK.

Using NumPy might be a better option because NumPy does coexist with  
any version of Numeric without problems.

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