[MMTK] Problem reading 1kno.pdb

Jaroslaw Kalinowski jak at biogeo.uw.edu.pl
Fri Apr 20 13:46:00 UTC 2007


I had a problem while reading peptide chains from 1KNO: Val.185 in chain F
gets splitted into two residues and a new chain is created. Seems that
this happens due to line numbers in the last comumn conflicting with pdb
code that is also supposed to be there. Can this be somehow fixed?

from MMTK.PDB import PDBConfiguration
pc = PDBConfiguration('1kno.pdb')
for c in pc.peptide_chains: print c.chain_id, c.segment_id
v1 = pc.peptide_chains[-2][-1]
v2 = pc.peptide_chains[-1][0]
print v1
print v2

Jaroslaw Kalinowski

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