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Thanks Konrad,
about this....you says that Ewald summation adds an uniform charge
background to the system, so that the total charge of the system is zero,
but you still have a proton in water for example. Is this done in an
automatic way ? Or we have to specify that we need a background charge to
neutralize the total charge ?


On 3/17/07, Konrad Hinsen <hinsen at cnrs-orleans.fr> wrote:
> On 16.03.2007, at 16:45, Davide Ricci wrote:
> > a stupid question...Suppose I want to study H+ in water, so that
> > the total charge of the system is +1. Can I do this in a Periodic
> > Universe in MMTK? Or Do I have to use a Finite Universe ?
> You can do that in a periodic universe. However, when you start
> calculating energies, you should be aware of the consequences. In
> principle, the energy of a charged periodic system is infinite.
> Depending on the electrostatics method chosen, there may be problems
> due to that, or unexpected effects. Ewald summation, for example,
> adds a uniform charge density to the system that neutralizes the
> total charge. That may or may not be what you want.
> Konrad.
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