[MMTK] MMTK for plasmas?

Mark Heslep mark at mitre.org
Fri Feb 9 23:06:28 UTC 2007

New to MMTK, a couple of questions:

1. I'm interesting in doing some plasma simulations (fusion).    The 
MMTK emphasis is obviously molecular chem/bio but I was drawn to it 
because a) it appears to use Fast Multipole M. for N body and b) its 
open source python on the frontend.  Is MMTK a good candidate for my area?

2. Installation/Examples.  Have MMTK 2.5.16, have it compile and 
installed on Fedora Core 6 after patching setup.py to find netcdf 
include headers and libs.  Now 'import MMTK' works, but most all of the 
examples fail immediately with
> IOError: Database entry Atoms/ar not found
or similar from ../MMTK/Database.py line 51 in databasePath.

The manual suggests no database manipulation is required for default 
operation but this suggests I need some Atom entries, in my local 
database path?


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