[MMTK] difficulty with Scientific.Geometry module

hinsen at cnrs-orleans.fr hinsen at cnrs-orleans.fr
Wed Jun 28 14:37:28 CEST 2006

William K. Browne writes: 

> I have a problem with the code: 
>>From Scientific.Geometry import delta
>>From which I receive the error:
> Import error: cannot import name delta 
> In the MMTK file Collections.py in the function
> centerandMomentofInertia(self, conf =None)

It seems you are using MMTK 2.5 with ScientificPython 2.4. The best solution 
to your problem is to upgrade to ScientificPython 2.5. 

A workaround if you don't want to update is to replace the line in MMTK that 
causes the crash by 

 from Scientific.Geometry.TensorModule import delta 


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