[MMTK] Creating new ForceField

Andrey Khavryuchenko akhavr at kds.com.ua
Thu May 18 15:27:19 CEST 2006


"KH" == Konrad Hinsen wrote:

 KH> A general comment about releases: The 2.5.x series is what I use  
 KH> myself for my everyday work and is also what I recommend everyone  
 KH> else to use. The only reason why this has not made it yet to the  
 KH> "stable" category is that the reference manual is not up to date.  

Is the reason for the ScientificPython 2.5.8 still marked as 'development'
the same?

(Apparently MMTK 2.5.13 requires ScientificPython 2.5.8)

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