[MMTK] Creating new ForceField

Andrey Khavryuchenko akhavr at kds.com.ua
Thu May 18 13:41:52 CEST 2006


"kh" == konrad hinsen wrote:

 kh> I suggest you look at a recent development release (2.5.x) for two  
 kh> simple examples. They are in Examples/Forcefield/ElectricField and  
 kh> Examples/Forcefield/HarmonicOscillator, or here on the Web:

 kh> http://sourcesup.cru.fr/cgi/viewcvs.cgi/branches/development/Examples/ 
 kh> Forcefield/?root=mmtk

 kh> Each example is provided in three versions: a C implementation, a  
 kh> Pyrex implementation, and a Python implementation. 

... and they are specific to 2.5.x development line.

Looks like time to switch to it.

 kh> The Python implementation would be the ideal starting point for your
 kh> project.


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