[MMTK] running MMTK test script on windows XP

konrad.hinsen@laposte.net konrad.hinsen at laposte.net
Fri Mar 31 09:58:57 CEST 2006

On 30.03.2006, at 00:10, Javier Sacristan wrote:

> I think that's means is already installed but I do not know how to run
> the xnMoldyn, the graphical user interface recommended in the nMoldyn
> webpage.

xMoldyn is just a Python script, so you could run it just like you  
ran the argon example.

However, piecing together all the feedback I have received, my  
conclusion is that xMoldyn does not work with the standard Python for  
Windows, because it uses the module "pwd" which is not provided for  
Windows. I have had reports about xMoldyn use on Windows, but  
probably this was under Cygwin, whose Python installation is more  
Unix-like than WIndows-like. However, these are mostly guesses, since  
I do not have a Windows machine.

Could any Windows user out there please test the following one-line  
script both under Python for Windows and under Python in Cygwin?

	import pwd

I would like to know if this yields an error message or just nothing.

BTW, xMoldyn uses pwd to obtain information about the user account  
under which it is run, in order to prevent confusion when several  
users are starting background jobs (pMoldyn jobs) on the same  
machine. Is there perhaps another way to do this under Windows?

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