[MMTK] ChemicalObjects.py MMTK 2.5.13

konrad.hinsen@cea.fr konrad.hinsen at cea.fr
Tue Mar 14 11:53:58 CET 2006

On 06.03.2006, at 10:54, Guido Wagner wrote:

> are removed. I did not check why they shold be necessary or not,  
> but if I add
> the test again to line 749 (new version) the example and my program  
> work
> fine.

That's the right fix, which will be in future releases.
The tests were removed because they were initially added for  
unpickling, for which they are no longer required due to changes in  
the Python pickle module. But in the case of the Molecule class, the  
test is also required for the MoleculeFactory.

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