[MMTK] Administrative news

khinsen at cea.fr khinsen at cea.fr
Wed Dec 21 17:45:40 CET 2005

There are two news about MMTK, even though they don't affect the code  
at all:

1) SourceSup

MMTK development is now hosted by the SourceSup site, which provides  
SourceForge-like services to French academics. The MMTK project page  
is at


Via that site, the very latest MMTK version is always accessible  
using Subversion (a successor to CVS). After a reorganization of the  
MMTK Web site (scheduled for January), downloads will also be handled  
through that site.

There are also two discussion forums (called "open discussion" and  
"help"). Just in case that people start using them, I put myself in  
surveillance mode, but I very much prefer to keep questions and  
discussions on this list. I might end up deleting the forums  
altogether, unless they prove to be very popular. I just don't like  
Web forums!

Under "Tracker", you can access a bug tracking system that I do  
intend to use. However, before reporting a bug, make sure you  
actually have found a bug. In case of doubt, ask on the list first.

ScientificPython, a necessary ingredient for any MMTK user, has also  
migrated to SourceSup, and the same comments apply. Its project page is


2) License

Starting from release 2.4.10 (the one on SourceSup), MMTK is  
distributed under the CeCILL license. 2.4.10 differs from 2.4.9 only  
in the license, so there is no need to update.

CeCILL is an OpenSource/Free Software license developed by a group of  
French research organizations, including my employer, the CNRS. The  
development was motivated by the desire to have a license that is  
based on French law and thus creates a clear legal situation in  
France and in most of Europe. CeCILL grants pretty much the same  
rights as the GPL, and is explicitly GPL-compatible (i.e. works  
derived from CeCILL-licensed software can be relicensed under the  
GPL), so for MMTK users this change shouldn't make any difference.  
For more information about the CeCILL license, see http:// 

This is very likely to be my last message in 2005, as I am leaving on  
Christmas vacation tomorrow. I wish all MMTK users a good transition  
into the new year!

Konrad Hinsen
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