[MMTK] Installing MMTK-2.5.11

vanitha at cs.wisc.edu vanitha at cs.wisc.edu
Mon Nov 21 22:38:07 CET 2005

I would like to install the new version of MMTK. Is it sufficient to
delete the MMTK folder in the source directory of the existing
installation or do I need to delete stuff in my include directory as well?
I just want to make sure that I don't break anything :-)


- Vanitha

I would like to install MMTK-2.5.11. Can I
>> just
>> do the build and install and overwrite my existing MMTK installation?
> You should uninstall MMTK 2.4 first to make sure you do not keep old
> modules; some (internal) names have changed. Deleting the MMTK
> directory is sufficient. Then just build and install the new version.

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