[MMTK] Making DCD from a Series of PDB

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> From: Meir Hasbani <mhasbani at princeton.edu>
> Date: 26. August 2005 22:44:21 MESZ
> To: mmtk at python.net
> Subject: Making DCD from a Series of PDB
> Hi,
> I have a program that models RNA and DNA and produces a series of PDB  
> files. I'd like to convert these pdb's into a dcd trajectory, so that  
> I can view it as an animation in VMD. I've been trying to use MMTK to  
> load each PDB into a universe, take a snapshot, and repeat until I  
> have a Trajectory file, which I then convert to dcd.

If animation in VMD is all you are looking for, a VMD script that loads  
the PDB files in sequence is probably a simpler solution.

> I havent been successful at all. I've attatched one of my original PDB  
> files (file001.pdb), and, an output PDB that MMTK generated (sim.pdb).  
> I've created atoms and molecules for the database, too.
> Below is the code i wrote (I wasn't able to get  
> PDBConfiguration.createMolecules() to work for me). Any suggestions?

Did you try PDBConfiguration.createAll()? It will create AtomCluster  
objects whenever it doesn't have enough information for making Molecule  
objects, but for visualization they are good enough.

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