[MMTK] Visualization with VMD

Vasisht R. Tadigotla vasisht at eden.rutgers.edu
Fri May 27 17:34:55 CEST 2005

> Does the vmd script work if you run it from the terminal, i.e.
> 	/usr/bin/vmd file.pdb

yes, it successfully opens the pdb file.

> ? If it does, and if PDBVIEWER is set correctly, then I don't know what
> could go wrong. MMTK just does
> 	os.system(os.environ['PDBVIEWER'] + ' -nt -e ' + script)
> where script is the name of a temporary file that contains a script for
> VMD.
> Something that you could try is make a copy of the vmd script under any
> other name and define that copy as PDBVIEWER. Then MMTK uses the
> generic PDB viewer code instead of the specialized vmd code.

Changing the name of the script doesn't seem to work either. There seems
to be some problem with IDLE.

os.system('ls') in the IDLE window just gives an exit code 0 and does
nothing else, if I run python from the commandline (installed via fink), I
get the directory listing. I can also launch vmd from within the python
interpreter from the commandline but not via IDLE.


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