[MMTK] Visualization with VMD

khinsen at cea.fr khinsen at cea.fr
Fri May 27 11:34:11 CEST 2005

On May 27, 2005, at 2:08, Vasisht R. Tadigotla wrote:

> When I check os.environ['PDBVIEWER'] in IDLE, it's set to /usr/bin/vmd
> Is there something else I need to configure before I can get VMD to 
> work?

The only other condition I can think of is that /usr/bin/vmd must be 

Note also that it is generally not considered a good idea to add files 
to /usr/bin under MacOS. Apple recommends not to touch /usr/bin, 
/usr/lib etc. (in order to be sure that MacOS updates won't break 
anything) and put non-Apple stuff into /usr/local/...  But that is not 
related to your problem.

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