khinsen at cea.fr khinsen at cea.fr
Wed Mar 16 15:48:59 CET 2005

Justin Lemkul writes: 

> continued, changing that line to read: 
>>>> from Scientific.Visualization import VRML

That's the right one. 

> Allowing the script to run does not give any more errors, it just doesn't give 
> any output.

It needs a VRML viewer, whose location is defined by the environment 
variable VRMLVIEWER. 

> export PDBVIEWER=/Applications/VMD\ 1.8.2.app/Contents/vmd/vmd_MACOSX
> export VRMLVIEWER=/Applications/VMD\ 1.8.2.app/Contents/vmd/vmd_MACOSX

VMD is not a VRML viewer! For generalized visualiztion with VMD, use the 
module Scientific.Visualization.VMD instead of 
Scientific.Visualization.VRML. The interface is the same as much as 

Moreover, on the Mac, you need a small shell script to be able to run VMD 
from another program, due to the way VMD is packaged for the Mac. This shell 
script is then pointed to by PDBVIEWER. 

I am not using my Mac at the moment so I can't send the script, but I will 
do so later (assuming I don't forget...). 


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