[MMTK] 64bit Linux - dynamic library problems

James Horne James.Horne at vcp.monash.edu.au
Tue Feb 22 06:38:34 CET 2005

Hi folks

I note from last year's archive, a post from Konrad mentioning troubles
with dynamically loading libraries on a 64 bit Linux distro (Fedora). 
I'm running Gentoo's amd64 distro here, mostly without issue.

The following is the final output from running the command:

python -v view_trajectory.py calpha_trajectory.nc

"import MMTK.DCD # precompiled from
dlopen("/usr/lib/python2.3/site-packages/MMTK/linux2/MMTK_DCD.so", 2);
import MMTK_DCD # dynamically loaded from
Segmentation fault"

I run a 32 bit chroot environment also on this dual opteron system and
have no trouble running the example scripts or any of my own (providing
they are sensible!).  So the urgency is not great but I would like to
know if anyone has encountered a similar issue in 64 bit Linux and
managed to resolve it.

Or maybe there are devlopments at the source level that I have just not
been able to find while googling.

Thanks in advance.



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