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In my quest to upgrade VMD's built-in Python interpreter 
to something less archaic than Python 2.2.2, I've been trying
to build and link the Python 2.3.x and 2.4.x series on all of
the VMD target platforms, but unfortunately the Python configure
scripts seem hopelessly broken for compilation on 64-bit 
architectures such as Solaris, IRIX, etc.  Has anyone successfully
compiled Python on 64-bit machines other than Linux x86_64?
(Linux x86_64 works by coincidence only due to the default
 behavior of gcc on those systems)

Unless I can get Python to compile and run cleanly on all of the
supported VMD target architectures, I'll be stuck shipping VMD 1.8.3
with the older Python 2.2.2 interpreter, which while old, does in fact
build correctly on 64-bit machines.   

I'm also battling getting Numeric compiled correctly on Win32, but that's
not as much of a deal killer since I do have Python itself built there.

  John Stone
  vmd at ks.uiuc.edu

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