[MMTK] build problem - barrier

hinsen at llb.saclay.cea.fr hinsen at llb.saclay.cea.fr
Thu Dec 9 11:50:26 CET 2004

On Dec 8, 2004, at 14:57, Toon Verstraelen wrote:

> I've tried to install MMTK, but get a strange error during the build 
> proccess.

> In file included from Src/MMTK_deformation.c:9:
> Include/MMTK/forcefield_private.h:26:56: macro "barrier" passed 3 
> arguments, but takes just 0
> Include/MMTK/forcefield_private.h:26: error: storage size of `barrier' 
> isn't known
> error: command 'gcc' failed with exit status 1
> I'm working with gcc 3.3.4, Python 2.3, ScientificPython 2.4.3 and 
> Numeric 23.1. Does someone have clue what the problem might be?
This looks like some header file in your system defining a macro called 
"barrier" that interferes with a function of the same name in MMTK. 
It's not on Python, Numeric, or ScientificPython (as I have the same 
versions of all those), so it must be headers coming with gcc or with 
some other library such as libc. What brand of Linux are you using?

Assuming that my guess is right, the easiest fix is to add the line

	#undef barrier

at the beginning of the file Include/MMTK/forcefield_private.h

However, I would still be interested in tracking down the origin of 
this error message, as others are likely to experience it as well one 

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