[MMTK] speed

Christian Kristukat gekauft at hoc.net
Tue Nov 9 16:47:15 CET 2004

hinsen at llb.saclay.cea.fr wrote:
> On Nov 9, 2004, at 13:07, Christian Kristukat wrote:
>> I've been trying some of the examples and I'm wondering what normal 
>> execution times are, e.g. backbone.py is still running since 1700 min 
>> on a P4 2.5Ghz. Is that normal?
> Not at all, it should take a few seconds. On my 1.8 GHz Athlon, it takes 
> 7 s.
> Unfortunately there are lots of possible reasons for programs getting 
> stuck, so I can't provide much help at the moment. You would have to run 
> Python under debugger control to figure out where it gets stuck.

I figured out that the problem occurs during a diagonalization 
procedure. Does this give you an idea where to look further?

(Pdb) n
 > /usr/lib/python2.3/site-packages/MMTK/NormalModes.py(103)__init__()
-> ev = self._diagonalize()
(Pdb) n

At this point it hangs.


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