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Vincent Kraeutler vincent at igc.phys.chem.ethz.ch
Mon Oct 4 10:16:51 CEST 2004

given that 
-- many people seem to have trouble with python/netcdf,
-- and biosimgrid uses python binary pickles as native trajectory format
   (comparable in both size and access speed it seeems),
-- mmtk seems to use netcdf only for trajectory storage,
would it seem reasonable to propose the use of binary pickles for 
mmtk trajectories as well? while i've been lurking this mailing list
for some time now, i'm not particularly familiar with the mmtk code 
and therefore unable to assess the amount of work that would need to
go in there...



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> From: Prashant Pai <prapai at email.unc.edu>
> Date: 1. Oktober 2004 18:56:33 MESZ
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> Subject: scientific python
> Hi Peter,
> I have having problems using Scientific Python 2.4.6 on Windows XP  
> with Python 2.3.2. I think the problem may be due to the  
> Scientific_netcdf.c not getting compiled.
> I get the following message.
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------- 
> Fatal Python error: can't initialize module Scientific_netcdf
> This application has requested the Runtime to terminate it in an  
> unusual way.
> Please contact the application's support team for more information.
> ----------------------------------------------------------------------- 
> thanks,
> prashant.

A little more information would help.  For example, did you use the 
Windows Installer (ScientificPython-2.4.6.win32-py2.3.exe) or did you 
compile from source (ScientificPython-2.4.6.tar.gz).

And how have you installed NetCDF?

Have a look at the start of the MMTK installations instructions, using 
the windows installers:


If you want to do this "the hard way" and compile the source code, then 
I know this can be done with MS Visual C++ 6.0


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