[MMTK] MMTK 2.5.1 with PyMOL support

hinsen at llb.saclay.cea.fr hinsen at llb.saclay.cea.fr
Fri Sep 24 18:38:03 CEST 2004

A new development release of MMTK is available for download. See


for details. The major new experimental feature is the PyMOL interface 
module. If Python scripts using MMTK are run from inside PyMOL, then 
all visualization routines will automatically use PyMOL. Animations of 
all kind are supported.

The PyMOL interface module also permits to obtain molecular data from 
PyMOL and work on it. This is illustrated by two plugins, which can be 
downloaded as well:

- normal_mode_plugin.py
   Computes normal modes using a simplified model for the protein that is
   loaded into PyMOL. The normal modes are shown using animations.

- deformation_plugin.py
   Performs a normal-mode based deformation analysis that identifies 
   and flexible regions in a protein. The result is shown by 

A third plugin, trajectory_plugin.py, loads MMTK trajectories into 
PyMOL for visualization.

As always, feedback is welcome!
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